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Trade union is an employee organisation, independent of the state, employer and its representatives. It is founded for protection of social, economic and labour interests of employees.

Under its Charter, the Union of Employees of State Institutions has the right to join international unions, take part in their activities, and collaborate with unions from other countries.

Kyiv City Council of Union of Employees of State Institutions has been very active in this regard. First of all, international meetings aim at development of collaboration and sharing experience in the field of legal work and social and legal protection of union members with foreign unions and associations.


Meetings at international level traditionally focus on fundamental tenets of unions’ activities regarding protection of a rank-and-file union member and provision of guarantees for activities of union organizations, as well as the social dialogue issues.


Since 1997, in the directorate Inpredakdry SE the Union of Employees of Foreign Representative Offices and Embassies was founded. Based on the law of Ukraine and expertise of its professionals, the Union in the first place strives to protect legal rights and interests of union members in the face of the employer, to provide legal support to union members free of charge when considering labour disputes and, protecting interests of union members, to cooperate with executive authorities and non-public organizations.


Dear employees of foreign representative offices!


Join the Trade Union of Employees of Foreign Representative Offices and Your interests will be protected.

Regards, V. Tkachuk

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