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To the foreign Embassies, Representatives of international and Foreign organizations in the City of Kyiv
10:16 31.03.2015

Directorate General for Rendering Services to Diplomatic Missions expresses to you its high respect and has the honor to inform you that on we are planning to make an bus excursion “The squadron of air ships” for Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassadors of the foreign countries in Ukraine and members of their families, employees of Diplomatic Representatives, representatives of foreign and international organizations with visiting the State Museum of Aviation.

This museum is the sixth best museum among 10 others in the world. The excursion will give you an opportunity to see 32 main types of planes and helicopters (military and civil), which were in armament in the Military and Air Force of the Soviet Union and Ukraine and they were in use in civil Air Force after the World War the Second. The techniques have its own group in individual collection. The biggest collection is the collection of fighters MIG. There is the unique plane – powerful over sound bomber rocket-carry Tu-22 MO. Collection of fighting planes includes over sound bomber SU-24, fighter-bomber SU-20, fighter SU-15 and attacker SU-25. There are also the unique planes such as Il-86, Il-18, Tu-104 made in 1956 which had been used by Marshal K. Voroshilov.

The Civil Aviation is represented by passengers’ planes of constructional bureau of Antonov, Illushin, Tupolev and Yakovlev. The oldest Tu-104 is not only the first reactive passengers’ plane in the world, but also the first serial example.

During the excursion you’ll feel yourself as a real pilot sitting on the rudder of representative planes.

The excursion is arranged on Saturday, April, 11, 2015

The place of meeting: 1, Mykhaylivska square at 10.00 a.m.

The duration of excursion is 3,5 hours.

The cost of the excursion: 480 UAH (for children under 14 years –240UAH)

Preliminary registration is obligatory by e-mail: skt.gdip@gmail.com